Water Odor or Discoloration Report Form

Water Odor or Discoloration Report Form (PDF)

This report form is provided to you to aid the District in assessing the presence and character of odors suspected of emanating from its wastewater treatment plant and other District facilities. The District requests that complaints are called in to Gulf Utility Service (281) 355-1312 immediately upon detection. This report form will assist you in characterizing and gauging the strength of the odors. It does not need to be filled out, but information from each of the sections is requested. Reports may be filled out by hand and faxed to (281) 355-1312, if desired; delivered to Gulf Utility Service, 17332 Groeschke Road, Houston, TX 77084, by hand; or mail to Gulf Utility Service, P.O. Box 691008, Houston, TX 77269, Attn: Mr. Michael Williams. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    1. No Odors Detectable
    2. Odors barely faint
    3. Odors very faint
    4. Odors very intermittent and faint
    5. Odors not strong enough or of sufficient duration to be identified or characterized
    6. Odors light and not objectionable
    7. Odors noticeable but no unpleasant characteristics noted.
    8. Odors light to moderate but no unpleasant characteristics noted.
    9. Odors somewhat objectionable but not sufficient to interfere with normal use or enjoyment of property.
    10. Odors strong and of objectionable character but very intermittent and because of lack of duration would NOT tend to interfere with normal use or enjoyment of property.
    11. Odors strong but not at all of an unpleasant character and does NOT create any adverse reactions that might interfere with normal use or enjoyment of property.
    12. Odors cause nausea.
    13. Odors cause headaches.
    14. Odors overpowering and highly objectionable.
    15. Odors create a need to leave area.
    16. Odors prevent working or playing in yard.
    17. Odors tend to stay in residence and make it difficult to sleep, eat, etc.
    18. Odors interfere with entertaining guests.

    1. Burnt, smoky
    2. Ammonia-like
    3. Petroleum
    4. Sweet, solvent-like
    5. Rotten eggs
    6. Garlic, onion
    7. Metallic
    8. Garbage truck
    9. Sharp, biting, acidic
    10. Musty, moldy, grain-like
    11. Outhouse
    12. Chemical, disinfectant
    13. Other ( specify ):