2022 District Update

The District’s 2022 update is now available, including:

  • an updated district map;
  • district facts;
  • district directors and subdivisions;
  • tax rate and average property values;
  • distributed water totals;
  • district director’s duties;
  • accomplishments;
  • engineering and other district projects;
  • information on sourcing and rates for surface water;
  • current district consultants; and
  • district mission statement

2022 District Update (PDF)

Goals to Accomplish District Mission

  • Ensure the longevity of all capital assets by performing regular preventative maintenance, routine inspections and planned replacements.
  • Ensure that we continue to receive the highest value for all services and supplies by establishing periodic vendor evaluations.
  • Secure a minimum of three competitive quotes before any major capital project or service contract is awarded.
  • Promote customer satisfaction through financial transparency with regular communications.
  • Actively seek new ideas from the residents.